Radon Testing

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Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that occurs naturally from the decay of uranium and radium in the ground.

Radon gas can enter the home through cracks and gaps in the home’s walls and floors, and around service pipes that enter the home. It can enter through sump pits and plumbing penetrations in the home. We measure the levels with the latest technologies and report the levels to you SAME DAY!

 The National Institute of Health has named radon as the greatest environmental threat to human health.  More people will die from radon exposure then all other environmental carcinogens combined. 

There is more radon in northwestern Illinois and the entire state of Iowa then any where else on the planet.  The only way to know if your home has a radon problem is to measure it. For more facts on Radon Click Here!

With today's radon mitigation technology, the radon level in homes can often be reduced in less than one day by installing a radon mitigation system.

Can I Measure My Own Radon Levels?


1. For a short term testing device click <HERE>

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There is No Safe Level of Radon.

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